Medical & Wellness Services

Improve your skin with the following Medical & Wellness services!


Hormone replacement therapy

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy utilizing pellets for low testosterone and low estrogen levels. consultation & Lab work required.

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Dermal fillers

We carry a variety of dermal fillers that are utilized throughout the face and body to improve skin laxity, volume loss, and tone. Common areas we use filler are lips, cheeks, temples, jawline, chin, and hands.

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IV Vitamin Drips

Relax in our IV lounge while we infuse a customized vitamin drip formulated by our providers. Unlike other IV centers, Non over our IVs are pre-mixed/ We specialize in each drip for your particular needs

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B12/B12 Lipo-mono Boost

For improving metabolism, energy, and weightloss.

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Dermatology services

Full body skin cancer screenings, Acne Consultation and tereament, Skin tag/mole Removal, No-biopsy/non-invasive melanomo testing. TCA CHemical Peels (deep Peel)

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Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening services, can be added on to any service/treatment or a stand alone service(deep Peel)

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